locally-sourced, quality-tested Malts

It's been said malt is the soul of beer (and spirits, too, for that matter). To have a hand in creating this vital ingredient, then, is to understand deeply the very foundation of these fermented creations.

At Gallatin Valley Malt, we produce only the finest, locally-sourced malt varieties grown on our family farm in southwest Montana. Our malts are never blended with those from outside sources ensuring the unique terroir of their locale is preserved from plant to pint. In addition, all of our malts are quality tested by Montana State University's Malt Quality Lab.

We currently offer two core base malt varieties for craft brewers, our Gallatin Pale and Hyalite Pilsner malts. Moreover, we produce a diversity of specialty malts.

As we grow, we plan to introduce additional base, specialty, and distiller-specific varieties.


Gallatin Pale


Madison Munich


Jefferson White Wheat


West Fork Roasted Wheat


Hyalite Pilsner


K-30 Crystal Malt


Bridger Roasted Barley